Delta to Bags: "Why Don't You Hang With Us For A While?"


Ah Delta Airlines — the eternal wellspring of traveler nightmares. Between the pink-tinted TV monitors and the narrow, butt-numbing seats, it’s hard not to find something to complain about on this oft-maligned airline. I’ve been lucky enough to have avoided them for the past few years, but others haven’t been so blessed. My friend IndianJones had the misfortune of flying Delta from Los Angeles to Boston (via Vegas), and for whatever reason, he seemed to think his experience would be hassle-free and unremarkable, as evidenced by this naively amusing Facebook proclamation:

“IndianJones is not going to bore you with the details of his travel….yet.”

I guess he thought he was in for a rather mundane transcontinental flight. Well, it only took a few more hours before the inevitable update surfaced:

“IndianJones has finally been hit with the curse of the lost bag….thanks DELTA.”

I felt his pain, even though I immediately wrote “HA!” on his Wall. Nevertheless, it wasn’t until a full day later that he could proudly announce, “IndianJones has been reunited with his bag.” Surely, it was an arduous experience for him, but don’t feel too bad though. He’s in the Bahamas now. Suffering a similar fate (minus the tropical final destination) was the author of Hiro Talks A Lot, who not only lost her bag but had to deal with FECES during her Delta exploits. To read the entire sordid story, which is highly amusing, click here.

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0 thoughts on “Delta to Bags: "Why Don't You Hang With Us For A While?"

  1. Delta sucks! Wait, I already said that.
    Delta planes even have a distinct smell. In college, my then-boo hugged me after I arrived back in NYC after a very long Delta flight. He had no idea which airline on which I was traveling, yet immediately he sniffed me, recoiled in horror, and said “You smell like Delta.”

  2. I truly LOVE airline stories….whether it be an inflight blog or a horror story. B-Side, please say you are flying somewhere soon so we can have another flight blog!
    On another note…EW! Poop on a seat. Grody. I would be retching…of course, I have a very weak gag reflex. That is why I avoid public restrooms at all costs.

  3. Ew, ew, ew.
    I’d love to do TAR one day, but the various and numerous airlines involved scare the crap out of me. I’ve never flown Delta (yay me), so I’m not familiar with it’s stench.

  4. The last time I flew Delta (a few years ago), the flight was pretty much boring and non-commentable. But the seat in front of me was falling apart. I kept trying to snap it back together and it kept falling apart again. I was glad I was in the seat I was in, but I DID look at the back of MY seat to make sure mine was still in good shape.