Brody Jenner Needs New Friend to Fill The Spencer Void


Now an update from the ever evolving world of reality whoredom: Brody Jenner will be hosting a reality show to find a new member of his entourage. Not sure who has standards low enough to compete for such a staggering prize, but MTV plans to air it all, from the homoerotic courting rituals to the “Hot Tub Elimination Ceremonies.” I suppose this will all be tongue and cheek, which I get, but still, I never knew that hot tubs played such a prominent role in Brody Jenner’s man-posse. Nevertheless, I’m sure the race to be the next Spencer or Frankie will be equal parts heated and sensual, and according to MTV senior VP series development Liz Gately, “Brody is the perfect fit for this concept; he is type of guy everyone wants to hang out with.” And by “everyone,” she means “fame-whoring douchebags.”
And yet, I’ll be watching.
‘Hills’ co-star lands MTV series [Hollywood Reporter via Reality Blurred]

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0 thoughts on “Brody Jenner Needs New Friend to Fill The Spencer Void

  1. Dear God its me Creepy Internet User:
    Please let B-Side get a reality show like Brody Jenner’s. Because women want to be with B-Side and men want to be like B-Side.
    I heart B-Side because I am jealous of his cutting wit and humor.

  2. “And yet, I’ll be watching.”
    This is why I adore you, B. How could we not watch this?

  3. just how much more of ‘the Hills’ squad can i take?
    a LOT more apparently!
    Bromance? Really?!

  4. all aboard for the Whore Train!
    What’s next, Cutrone’s House of Trash’n?

  5. I saw that Ryan Seacrest is producing this show. He’s becoming more powerful, and it scares me.

  6. I’ve had a theory (really hypothesis) since that show on E! about Vegas came out(something with the word paradise?) It was similar to the one on MTV called 24/7, except it didn’t suck. PARADISE CITY IS THE NAME OF IT…anyway, I’ve had this theory (hypothesis) that Seacreat is taking over the world, and sadly, I think it is becoming a reality.
    On that note, does anyone else secretly think he’s hot?