LIKE OMG! Partial 'Gossip Girl' Script Leaked to the Internets!

Tri-Delt and Psi-U, here they come!

SPOTTED: white hot television show’s script floating around the Internets!
It’s inevitable that a show about leaking things to the blogosphere would itself get leaked to the blogosphere. Case in point: a few pages from an upcoming Gossip Girl episode have surfaced over at Gawker. They don’t reveal much, but then again, I only read the first page as I am loathe to have my GG experience spoiled. In my brief glance at the dialogue, I discovered that Dan Humphrey will be eschewing Dartmouth for Yale because according to him, the New Haven institution has poached all of Big Green’s English Department — perhaps even my freshman year professor / activist / crazy-bio-writer Shelby Grantham. Whatever. We don’t want someone lame like Dan anyway. I like to think of Dartmouth as a Blair-Bear / Chuck Bass kind of place. No need for someone whiney from DUMBO.
Nevertheless, there’s still no word as to who found the Gossip Girl script, and even if Gawker did know, I’m sure that’s one secret they’d never tell!

I just think this is a funny picture.

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