Canter's Deli Celebrates Its 60th Birthday; Cheap Food Abounds


Local Los Angeles dining institution Canter’s Deli celebrated its 60th Birthday today, and in honor of this milestone age, the owners scaled back prices to 1948 levels. Specifically, that meant lucky diners could get a corned beef sandwich, pickle, side of potato salad, and ruggelach for a meager $.60. That’s right. Sixty cents. Never one to turn down such cheap food (especially from an establishment whose sandwiches can be shockingly pricey), I happily sauntered down to the Fairfax district to partake in some discount eats and Los Angeles history.
I kind of expected a long line, but much to my surprise, there were only about twenty or people queued up, pining for entry into the vaunted delicatessen. Even better, it turned out all these people were in the to-go line. I moseyed on up to the front, spoke to the host, and promptly nabbed at seat at the counter, all in a blink of an eye. Near free food and speedy service? Sounds like the perfect way to spend the afternoon.
A few pics of the experience after the jump.

The line outside. Really not that bad.

Here’s the birthday special. It was quite tasty, and at less than seventy-five cents, it was a total steal.

With the exception of some balloons, it’s a very unassuming celebration.

Okay, now I’m just taking pictures. Good times had by all (ie. me). If you’re in the area, I recommend dropping by.

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  1. I drove by around 8 p.m.–just cuz that’s my way home–and the line was pretty gigantic. You must’ve gone at just the right time.

  2. Ever since my gramma used to make me corned beef sandwiches when I was a kid, I am a snob who will only eat corned beef from a Jewish deli. That looks like good stuff, and what a bargain too!

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