Dartmouth Students Burn Themselves, Steal Dump Trucks


This past weekend, Dartmouth College celebrated its homecoming, and as with any school holiday involving booze and fire, there were arrests aplenty. Most notably there was the drunk freshman who somehow fell over into the embers of the burnt bonfire. When he tried to get up, he put his hands on hot coals, and well, he totally Travis Barkered himself (too soon?). Whilst he was sent off to Boston for non-life-threatening but severe burns, another student later suffered a case of the hots after his friends dared him to walk across the still heated coals. Balms and ointments ensued.
Perhaps the most interesting turn of events, however, was the case of the missing construction equipment. According to the school’s daily newspaper, The Dartmouth, “two pieces of heavy equipment were stolen from Red Rolfe Field, the construction site of a new Dartmouth baseball field, on consecutive nights… Both items, a front loader and a dump truck, were found by Safety and Security on the front lawn of Chi Heorot fraternity on Saturday and Sunday morning, respectively.” Nothing like a good old fashioned dump truck-on-the-lawn prank!
For more gory details about the Homecoming shenanigans, click here.

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0 thoughts on “Dartmouth Students Burn Themselves, Steal Dump Trucks

  1. As someone who didn’t attend an ivy league college I’m always amused by stories like this one. These events involved people who may one day be the leaders of industry or the country yet this story could have easily come from a state university paper.
    Most articles about the ivy leagues lately have focused on the kind of student who is being admitted into the schools. Dumb rich kids and legacies are taking up more and more spots that students actually academically qualified for the schools should get. Some of these kids do end up as president. So there’s that.
    Based on my estimates (made while typing this sentence) 75% of ivy league students aren’t academically qualified but this article may have raised that number to closer to 100%.
    B-Side when you were at Dartmouth how often did you find yourself questioning how a classmate got in?

  2. I cringed at your Travis Barker reference, especially since his burns weren’t self-inflicted or due to idiocy, so, yeah, maybe a bit too soon. Still, I love stories that remind me that college life changes very little from decade to decade. Kudos to the frat boys for stealing a big-ass front loader!

  3. I, have to admit that in spite of myself, I giggled at the Travis Barker reference. I guess that makes me a bad person, but it was kind of funny, even though it was in totally poor taste…
    you still got it, B-Side.