How Dumb Is


I’m really loving this latest season of The Amazing Race, but when it comes to building buzz on the Internet, CBS seems all backward. Absolutely none of the show’s videos can be embedded, and that goes for previews of upcoming episodes. What sort of marketing genius thought that up? Wouldn’t CBS want previews to be accessible on every site on the Internet? I imagine some myopic supervisor thought that by disabling embedding, it would draw traffic to, but if there’s anything I learned from my TVgasm days, it’s that readers don’t like to do anything that’s inconvenient. Specifically, if you make content difficult to reach, it simply won’t be reached.
It’s bad enough that CBS posts only a handful of photos from each Amazing Race episode (usually three to four days after a show airs), but to deprive the blogosphere of usable video? That just seems cruel and unusual. It’s especially maddening when compared to how accessible the network makes content for Big Brother. When that show is in season, the webmasters deluge us with images (upwards of a hundred per episode) and video that can be embedded. Why the change of heart for Amazing Race?
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