Well, the long weekend is over, and while Thanksgiving 2008 is officially behind us, it will forever live on in the latest Top Chef, which had the chef-testants battle to serve the best Turkey Day meal to none other than The Foo Fighters. The twist? The chefs could only use microwaves and toaster ovens (furnished by GE, of course). Overall it was a good episode, but I was sad that Richard got the boot as it meant that after today, I can really no longer use my favorite — albeit short lived — running joke of the season (a.k.a. using “Queeeen” in all possible manners when captioning him). Oh well. C’est la vie. Team Rainbow now is down to one last member, whatsherface, and I’m proud to report that she’s seems to be getting slightly more bitter by the episode. She’s taken an extreme dislike to Danny (he of the AWFUL facial hair), and while his hirsute challenges may be off-putting, I’m not sure they totally deserve the wrath she’s directed towards him (let’s not overlook her less-than-impressive gettup for the Foo concert later in the episode).
Anyway, onto the photocap…

“I’m sorry to say that my good friend Gail Simmons will not be joining me today. She’s still recovering from an all-night turkey eating competition. She won!”

“Queeeen, I need to get my ingredients! If I get the wrong ones, all my queens at home will be like ‘Queen! What sort of non-queen ingredients did you get? You’re gonna queen up that queen recipe if you don’t queen your act up!'”

“Has anyone seen my awful tattoos yet? Anyone?”

“Queen, don’t talk to me right now. I’m mixing in my bowl, and when queen is mixing, queen needs silence. QUEEEEN!”

“And this right here is Fabio, our resident Italian. Gail always asks me ‘When is he gonna make me a cannoli? I’m hungry! I want one now!’ Bless her heart.”

“Queen, we gotta plan for this Thanksgiving spread. I want all the queens to come and be like ‘Queeeen, this is some good queen stuffing! I’m gonna tell all the queens that there’s a hot queen meal going on in this here queen buffet. You queen me, queen? Queen, please.'”

“Chef Tom Colicchio! I’ma gonna make a-you a big-a meat-a ball-a!”

“I’m not only a chef, I’m an action star. GRRRH!!!”

“Hahahahahahahahahahaha PACK UP YOUR KNIVES AND GO.”

“I wish this was Padma.”

“I’m so tired that I can’t help but to just SASHAY in here.”

“What do you mean this isn’t fashion week? Isn’t this the runway?”

“I just hope I don’t have to eat another BARF-ait. Then I’d have to call today Barfs-giving. Barf-get it?”

“The Foo Fighters and I are going out to a club afterwards. Will someone else will be able to take Gail to Baskin Robbins?”

“Taylor, do you know any roadies we can set Gail up with?”

“Oh hai! I’m unusually happy!”

“Hey boys! Party time! Momma Gail wants to have some fun! Wheeeee!”

“Uh-oh. Gail is drunk dancing again. Do you see, Tom?”
“Oh I see. And it’s HILARIOUS!”

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