THE PARSLEY CHRONICLES: Chapter 8 — Are The Best Days Behind Us???


On last week’s edition of The Parsley Chronicles, the previously smooth progress of my parsley took a drastic turn as it was revealed that I had been depriving my plant of the water it so desperately needed. I’ve since been more attentive to the moistness of the parsley’s soil, but I fear the damage my plant suffered may have been critical. Growth is slow, leaves look unhealthy, and the general aura in the cup seems to be one of sadness.
Is there hope?

The cup is rapidly turning into the second coming of the Dust Bowl.

I mean, look at the cup just sixteen days ago.

And now look at the parsley today. It’s anemic, stringy, and still struggling.

On the plus side, there does seem to be some continued vertical growth by the few surviving stems.

And what’s this? A new, healthy sprout? Maybe there’s hope after all.

Will the plant ever make a comeback? And will the healthy new sprout usher in a new wave of growth? Or will the parsley succumb to its hostile environment? Stay tuned…