AND WHATNOT: Stalkers, Dragons, Cookbooks, and Penises

It’s official. It’s “Suddenly Seymour” week. Here’s clip of two more people lip synching to the song, but this time, they’ve sped up the music and video, Chipmunks style. It’s surprisingly effective.
AP: Armed man arrested at ‘DWTS’ studio
LA Times: Cook’s Library’s upcoming closure has chefs mourning a community loss
CNN: Komodo dragons kill Indonesian fisherman (link courtesy of jash)
The Sun: Did You See The Work I Did On The Roof? (link courtesy of IndianJones)
PBS: Frontline — Ten Trillion and Counting (in case you missed it last night, here’s an angering and fascinating examination of the national debt)
Reality Blurred: Woz, Steve-O stay, Denise Richards leaves despite improvement
Daily Dish: Recession Busters: the All-Cocktail Edition
D-Listed: How Did This Happen Exactly?