First they killed off Cutthroat Bitch. Now this?? Why must all my favorite characters leave House? It’s too cruel.
Update: Turns out we can thank BARACK OBAMA for this tragedy. Confused? Read THIS.

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  1. I was completely shocked by his death! And for it to be a suiside…wow. Great episode, but so sad.

  2. Far be it from me to tell you what to put on your site, but having Kal’s photo front and center is rather spoilerish, in and of itself. I feel compelled to warn a few people before they make their routine visit here.
    Great ep, though. I still have the “Locked In” ep on my DVR. I’m going to watch that again to see if there is even a subtle hint of things to come.
    Great article. Thanks for posting that. It answered a lot of questions.

  3. Damn, B-Side. Thanks for the huge spoiler. You could have at least put the pic after the jump. I was trying to wait until later to watch the episode.
    Now I’m:
    1) Late for work because I watched the episode immediately after I saw the pic, and
    2) Crying my eyes out.

  4. I was like WTF when I watched it. It’s a bummer. I like his character on House.