Spike Mendelsohn's New Gig

Food2, an offshoot of the Food Network, just launched a new web series called Kelsey & Spike Cook in which Food Network Star contestant Kelsey Nixon goes toe to toe with the beloved Spike Mendelsohn of Top Chef fame. It’s nice to see Kelsey again, but seriously, we really only care about Spike. He’s the only reality star who can wear a stupid fedora and not incur my wrath. Why? Because he’s awesome. And he totally overpowers Kelsey in this first video. She does her best to keep up, but he simply has more charisma (not to mention a more appealing culinary point of view) than she. I will say that Spike seems a bit stiff at the top of the video, but he eventually gets into the flow, and either way, they’re both likable, albeit oddly paired; so take a look if you’re bored.
Update: Apparently the video above was broken; so I took it down. Go to Food2 and check out all the action.