Stacie from 'The Hills' Graces Us With Her Presence


A new supporting character has played a prominent role on this season of The Hills, and her name is Stacie — or as Stephanie Pratt has been prone to calling her — homewrecker, slut, whore, etc.. To me, she’s just “bartender” or “that girl from The Hills” or “that girl from The Hills named Stacie who I pretend like I don’t know her name but clearly I do.” Anyway, I had some friends in from out of town last week, and when I asked where they wanted to go out to, they admitted that they really wanted to check out The Dime, which just so happens to be where Stacie works and where Spencer had his big brawl with Cameron and where Heidi had her jealous girlfriend moment. Needless to say, with all this excitement, my friends understandably couldn’t resist checking out this epicenter of pop culture drama.
Well, we all arrived at the bar, and I was fairly shocked to discover that Stacie was actually working at The Dime. I just naturally assumed she was an actress cast to play the role of a bartender on the show. But lo! She’s a real working woman. Naturally, I acted as if I didn’t even know who she was when she took my order (even though in my head I was quietly planning out the blog post word by word). I’m sure she realized, however, that we were ardent fans of the show because on more than one occasion, she literally snuck up out of nowhere and cut through our group as we were saying such choice things as “Yeah, she really does look pretty in person” or “We should call her the homewrecker” or “It’s so funny that the girl from The Hills is actually here.” We were very smooth.

Anyway, our group managed to procure a table where more beverages were consumed, and at one point I saw my friend Jaimee pointing. All I saw was the back of some guy, and atop his head was a giant trapezoid of hair. It could only be one person. Sure enough, he turned around and revealed himself to be Marcel from Top Chef. Fuck the girl from The Hills. This was much better.
We immediately asked to take a picture with Marcel, and he was more than happy to oblige. He was very friendly and chatty, and he even gave us all his cards. Here’s the magical moment:


After Marcel left us, we then felt emboldened. The camera was already out — why not get Stacie to pose with us? Jaimee asked her if she’d mind taking a pic, and Stacie kind of stopped short, sighed, and looked around — perhaps for an excuse, perhaps to see if anyone might follow suit. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t detect an element of coldness. Then again, she was on the clock; so I could appreciate her frustration — especially if her boss had been chiding her for spending too much time taking pics with customers. Nevertheless, Stacie consented to our request and immediately lit up with a ready-for-her-closeup smile. I snapped a pic of her with Jaimee, and then somehow, I wound up getting roped into a pic with Stacie and my friend Mags (seriously, I wasn’t angling for it). Afterwards, Jaimee leaned in and told Stacie very seriously, “Spencer sucks.”
“I know,” Stacie replied. She then flittered away, and our Hills experience came to an end. Sorry, it’s not a terribly exciting story. But hey, I’m just relaying the events.

Well, this is awkward.

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  1. i drive by that place all the time… always looked like a bit of dive, which i love. i also love hot bartenders. now i gotta go for sure. (i assumed she was a hired actress too)

  2. I’m sure she IS an actress. Many(two)of my friends in the “biz” still moonlight as bartenders, servers, etc. She’s pretty dang attractive, I gotta think she’s an actress. I’m sure her boss loves the business they’ve gotten from being on the show.

  3. I note with satisfaction that she is, in fact, wearing pants. Or some sort of lower-body garment serving a similar purpose. Could be capris, I suppose, although I rather hope not. Anyway.
    There’s one scary-life-question answered. Now Stephanie can go back to worrying about label-printing and phone-answering. Or not answering as the case may be.

  4. It’s obvious to me why Heidi hates her – because Stacy is actually apparently naturally pretty.
    Way to pretty for that Pratt.

  5. Nice score on the Marcel meet. He’s always been one of my faves to come out of Top Chef. Kudos for not holding him down and shaving his head, although I’m certain the possibility was discussed.

  6. My friend and I frequent The Dime, and was suprised to see our bartender on The Hills this season. We went in a couple weekends ago and I thought for sure she wouldn’t be working… but she was. Kind of suprising, hey as long as my tab is in order, my stella is cold, who cares what she does to an already disfunctional relationship.
    Oh and your picture is taken in our seats! haha Right by the bar for easy access! 🙂

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