My friend IndianJones is a surprisingly adept chef. Despite questionable knife skills (he fears chopping his already small digits off), he can put together a solid meal. Heck, the kid can even bake a thing or two (he supplied our clique, a.k.a. the Lametourage, with homemade soda bread on St. Patty’s Day). But IndianJones’s recent exploits have left him the butt of our jokes. Take a look at the dish above and try to guess what exactly it is. A pizza? A cookie? Some sort of Hindu specialty? The answer isn’t terribly difficult, but I’m intrigued to see what people might think it is out of context. If you already have advance knowledge from Facebook, don’t spoil it.
After the jump is a second photo. All guesses and descriptions are welcome…

Macro shot!

33 replies on “MISADVENTURES IN DOMESTICITY: IndianJones Kitchen Fiasco”

  1. I’m going to say that’s definitely japaleno cornbread. Which is actually freaking delicious when made correctly (and with cheese).
    That picture, however, does NOT look freaking delicious. I’m thinking awful.

  2. Right away I thought it was cornbread with jalepenos gone very wrong.VERY wrong. Would make a good door stop.

  3. Is that a giant pickle chip cookie mid baking?
    A pickle pancake?
    An anemic pickle burger patty ?
    Undigested food?

  4. LOL, hb, I WAS going to answer cornbread with jalapenos too, but I like your answer better!!

  5. Looks Like SOMEBODY forgot the baking powder when they were making corn bread, or your box mix was increible old– eggs–? you forgot the power booster for sure. I appreciate a jalapeno corn bread but would rather eat a nice green chili cornbread.
    I might have issue with the OCD way in which you placed the peppers here… kinda anal dude.

  6. like most, my initial thought was jalepeno cornbread..
    but the slices on top look more like Cucumbers or zuchinni, because i’ve never seen japs take on that texture, even when baked. And the bottom looks nothing like cornbread. soooo I give up!

  7. So, are you going to tell us what this is? I’ve been keeping an eye on this post, curious about what in the hell this is…

  8. It really wasn’t THAT bad. Basically, my error was using masa flour instead of cornmeal (I had it lying around so I wanted to use it). It ended up being very dense, but tasted OK.

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