And Now A Message From The B-Side Blog Ombudsman


Take a wild guess who this is from. Sadly, it appears to be our last message from her… until the next one.

OK ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! I’VE HAD IT UP TO HERE WITH THIS SHIT!!! THESE RE”CRAPS” SUCK!!! Look I’ve tried to be patient with you and stick by you through good recaps and bad re”craps” but this is it!!! I JUST CAN’T STAND THIS ANYMORE!!! How can someone with so much talent be so bad at writing recaps??? I just don’t know what went so wrong with you??? I mean really!!! Really!!! REALLY!!! Is this what you do now??? This is what you call writing??? Is this suppose to satisfy me??? Well let me tell you something, it doesn’t ok!!! First off, The Hills was AMAZING!!! Kristin is the BEST thing that MTV could’ve done with The Hills!!! The whole entire time I was watching I was like Lauren who??? It was like watching a brand new show!!! Kristin brought it like a champ unlike you with this re”crap”!!! This is going to be the BEST with her on it!!! Also, you kept misspelling Kristin’s name a few times throughout your re”crap”!!! Yeah, you might want to watch that!!! The Hills is the BEST SHOW EVER!!! The City was alright!!! It was so boring!!! The Hills was so good it set the bar high and when The City came on I was like whatever!!! I could barely watch it!!! It had some good moments, but for the most part boring!!! Kelly is awesome as usual!!! Roxy is from The Hills!!! She was on season three!!! She is actually Stephanie’s best friend in real life!!! So the fact that Whitney didn’t even say anything about Roxy on The Hills is stupid!!! It makes no sense that her and Roxy are friends now!!! I know Whitney grew up in LA and she was actually friends with a lot of the cast members of The Hills before the show but still!!! The best parts were when Olivia went off on her boss and the end when her boss made her look stupid!!! I’m still going to watch because I love The City, maybe it will get better!!! Season 1 was better!!! Also, Alli was at the party at Whitney’s house!!! Also, I want to let you know that I’m done with you!!! DONE!!! Done with this website and done with you re”craps”!!! Until you recap like you used to then I’m done!!! I’m going to find somebody who takes The Hills and The City and all my shows seriously!!! Someone who appreciates them!!! Someone who does their job right!!! Someone who loves Spencer and Heidi like I do!!! For all of you that comment on this site who say I’m joking and playing games I’m not!!! I’m just a true fan of these shows and I’m a real person with real feelings and you guys don’t know much you hurt them!!! Please don’t hate me!!! I will never send emails again!!! I promise this will be my last one ever!!!

OFFICIAL RESPONSE: I think you have the right idea. Time to move on. Specifically, go away.

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19 thoughts on “And Now A Message From The B-Side Blog Ombudsman

  1. I’m surprised it took this long for her to mention the fact that you’ve been reposting her emails online!!! But I’m glad we’ve moved on to question marks???
    I want a dramatic re-read of this in video form. Crazy girl, can you do that for us?!?!?!!?!!?!!?!?! I don’t hate you!!!

  2. Why would or should she go away? You are giving her exactly what she wants. Attention and publicity. I mean c’mon… you are posting her missives on your blog and making them the focus of entire days. You even gave her her own seal today! Then people comment on them too? This person is in troll heaven. She’s not going anywhere as long as you continue to validate her ramblings, likely her very existence.
    I personally don’t care, I find her amusing. But you? You’re not fooling anyone. You love her attention.

  3. Oooh – an ombudsman on the ombudsman. How meta.
    Actually, I think she’s quite hilarious and worthy of reprinting. But yes, I suppose the more I reprint her, the less likely she’ll be of going away. Alas, one of life’s quandaries. What to do?

  4. Can you just imagine Flipit doing a dramatic reenactment of this email? Please, B, PLEASE!!! You Must have him DO IT!!! It would be the BEST!!!

  5. Ohh – Jennifer, Flippy playing a pathetic, misguided dumb ass bitch with a punctuation fetish. I like it.

  6. Wait, what if you made one of those awesome animated thingers, a la the Sly and jash e-mail exchange that makes me die laughing just thinking about it.

  7. I dont understand what she wants from you. If she just wants a straight recap, there are tons of sites for that kind of thing. Why does she continue to come to a site that only deals in snarky commentary on this horrible show?

  8. Dear Crazy Bitch,
    It’s not about you, dear. That is your fatal flaw that you start the rant off by complaining like B-side blog is for YOU, it’s not for YOU it’s for B. I can safely say that no one cares what you think (anywhere in the world, except for yourself) or if you ever use your little finger to click on a blog ever again.
    We get it, you feel BURNED and LET DOWN. boo hoo
    That is not B-side’s fault. The fact that you feel so comfortable expressing yourself in this way to a STRANGER speaks volumes (especially over a RECAP of a show you already WATCHED). I know you will most like bring this issue up with your therapist.
    B-side has wowed us many times and certainly this was supposed to be his personal blog and I don’t think he put up a suggestion box just yet ….so really, good riddance and fuck off.
    oh, and !!! totally rules btw!

  9. Seriously…I am a lurker and finally had to post. Is this person for real? I love your recaps and random posts… a little drunk tonight, but really? Get a life…I do not even watch The Hills or The City or whatever…keep on keeping on, Ben…you rock and we love you!

  10. Sup B! I just watched The City and The Hills on and your recaps are totally right on. Crazy bitch needs to get her head checked.

  11. Wouldn’t it be awesome if Crazy Bitch turned out to be an alter ego of (duh duh DUH)Cindy McCain?

  12. I love how she is so assure of herself, her opinions, her likes and dislikes!!! She never wavers!!! Oh wait maybe she does??? You can’t send her away!!! These emails she sends you are great. It would be super awesome, like literally awesome, if she could start to include some of your Rachel Zoe speak into her emails. If she wants you to keep posting her email then she needs to step it up. Bring IT!!! Like Olivia from the City would. I want to start sending you harassing emails now, so I can be the featured fan of the moment. However, I don’t want to annoy you with some tedious temper tantrum. I don’t want my boyfriend to miss out on all the fun.

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