AND WHATNOT: 'Gossip Girl' Power Rankings; Also, Plax Goes To Jail and NEA Ethical Shenanigans

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Gawker: Gossip Girl: Sparks Will Fly
EW: Emmys ’09: Best and Worst Fashions
ABC News: After ‘Inappropriate’ NEA Conference Call, White House Pushes New Guidelines (thanks Jash)
The Telegraph: The Lost Symbol and The Da Vinci Code author Dan Brown’s 20 worst sentences (thanks jash)
AP: Bulgarian diplomat wins UNESCO race (thanks Meeshie!)
Socialite Life: Heather Locklear Is Returning to Melrose Place
ESPN: Plaxico Burress sentenced to two years in prison on firearms charge
Eater LA: The Dish: Rockwell Opens on the East Side (this place is super cool)
Diana Takes a Bite: Mashti Malone’s: Compensating for craziness with peanut butter cup ice cream
Reality Blurred: MTV moves The Hills and The City to Tuesdays
Caroline on Crack: Dee-lish Deal: The Beachcomber Malibu’s $14.95 Lobster Dinner
IvyGate: Ithaca “Is” The Best “College Town” In “America”
Vulture: The Met’s Tosca Booed on Opening Night

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  1. My daughter got some peanut butter ice cream cups. They are the only ice cream in our freezer that didn’t get eaten within a day of purchase. Even my husband who is the reverse of Mikey won’t eat them.
    And I remember that Heather Locklear originally was hired to pump up the ratings of the first Melrose Place. If the new one has only run a few shows, is it really that unwatchable (even without Ashlee Simpson) that they have to hire Heather already?

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