BABY-BOT HAS ARRIVED: Julie Chen Gives Birth!

Magnificent news from the world of reality TV and robots: CBS head honcho Les Moonves and his wife Julie Chen, our favorite hostess on television, welcomed a baby boy into the world this morning! According to the Hollywood Reporter, the Chenbot gave birth to wee Charlie Moonves at 9:40 AM this morning in what was surely an exciting experience punctuated by very specific rules (“Doctor, if you want me to push, step forward. If you want me to hold, step back. Are we clear on the rules? Then let’s begin.”) Rumor has it all went smoothly, and Julie was first to extend her hand to Charlie and say “Nice to meet you. Please have a seat,” which was then followed by “Nine months, three days, fourteen hours — how does it feel to be out of the Big Brother womb?” Things became weird, however, when she announced her ovaries had taped some goodbye messages to Charlie and that she would resume this conversation tomorrow on the Early Show.
Okay, I don’t even know what I’m writing anymore.
Congrats to the Moonves-Chen household!

8 replies on “BABY-BOT HAS ARRIVED: Julie Chen Gives Birth!”

  1. Damn – she wasn’t due until Oct. 4th so I didnt get the date right in the baby pool. Now I just need the lbs & inches.
    Congrats to Julie & Les.

  2. It’s the ChenTot! She even called the baby that in one of her Big Brother blogs. I love that she has a sense of humor about things.

  3. Yay Baby BB! Yay Julie! Congratulations to her and Les!
    chick110 – I laughed out loud at your ‘but first’ comment ;o) brilliant!

  4. umm, not to NAG or anything, but why would her ovaries tape a goodbye message? wouldnt it be her uterus?
    well neither i guess because it would seem:
    maybe the placenta could tape some messages…before exiting the house itself? yes, that makes more sense.

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