JERSEY SHORE PHOTOCAP: Pickles & Bronzer — The Love Affair Continues


The anti-phenomenon continues. MTV aired yet another thought-provoking episode of Jersey Shore last week, despite controversy swirling around the series left and right. The big news was that Italian-American groups were upset that the show portrayed Italians in an unfavorable way. This, of course, was coupled with death threats to MTV — which may not be quite the best way to counter that whole negative-portrayal issue. The latest bombshell, however, is that after two weeks of heavily promoting Snooki getting punched in her bronzed noggin, MTV has suddenly decided to pull the footage from Thursday’s upcoming episode, citing the intensity of the violence (which, again, had been used as a PROMO). No one wants a girl to get punched in the face, but MTV can’t just dangle the carrot in front of us and then take it away. That’s just cruel. I suppose, however, the network was merely trying to stem the inevitable tide of animated gifs and callous comments that would surely burst onto the internet in the wake of Snookipus taking one in the pickle holder (what? She loves pickles!).
Anyway, I’m writing this on an airplane, and the jerk in front of me just knocked his entire can of PEPSI off his tray table, causing it to explode in a fizzy mess in the aisle and thus spraying my carry-on bag thoroughly. Must attend to this unexpected mess. Photocap after the jump…
(thanks to jash for sending me the media and the link)

Jwoww: “We hooked up last night? I don’t even remember it. So — did you pound me out or somethin’?”
“Right on.”

Sammi: “T-shirts! T-shirts! Get your trashy t-shirts!!”
Mike: “Hers says ‘T-Shirt Whore’ on the back. Hilarious!”

I don’t see how this image is any more upsetting than her getting punched in the face.

“Jenni, this is all so new to me. I don’t know what to do.”
“What? Being in a relationship?”
“No. Wearing a shirt.”

Jenni: “You know, when I lie here on your Ed Hardy shirt and smell your Axe Body Spray, I know I’m home.”

Pauly: “Hey there. Nice to meet you. So are you as awful as Angelina?”
“No, she’s the worst of us.”

Mike: “No, you’re wrong. The modernist ideals of the 20th century were completely misguided in their disregard for public space and aesthetic ideals.”
Angelina: “So you’d prefer futurism and Bauhaus instead? This is ridiculous. I’m leaving this house.”

“Cheers to Angelina being gone. Now we can finally have a classy household.”

“Hey Ronnie. I like your hat.”
“Thanks. It’s from a vending machine.”

“You know, Snooki, if we were all hors d’oeuvres, you’d be the pig-in-a-blanket of the house.”
“Aw, thanks Mikey. And you’d be a Pepperidge Farm sesame cracker.”
“That’s the sweetest thing sumbody evah told me.”

“Shit, this grill is on fire! Like my dancing!”

Ronnie: “Damn girl, you’re tall! What are you — 5’5″? 5’6″?”

What did you think about the episode. And do you think MTV should cut the Snooki-punch?

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