STALKER REPORT: Celebrity Apprentice Edition

Coming to you from the same person who successfully stalked Erin Kaplan of The City comes yet another batch of celebrity sightings — this time with pictures.
Writes the stalker:

Here are some photos from a few weeks ago when I came out of the subway and stumbled across an amazing sighting.
I figured Blago and the other Celebrity Apprentice people wouldn’t mind if I took pictures. In fact, Bret Michaels was even taking photos of people taking photos!
Erin seems like less of an fame whore so I left her alone.

Behold some pictures from the latest edition of Celebrity Apprentice after the jump.

Dolph Lundgren Curtis Stone (with Bret Michaels in the background taking photos).

Rod Blagojevich and Darryl Strawberry, apparently serving up hot dogs and sausages.

Goldberg, looking gigantic and hungry.

Blago and Strawberry again, this time being upstaged by an interloping piece of leopard skin fabric.

Blago and Sinbad. Note that Sinbad is the proud owner of the aforementioned leopard skin fabric.

Bret Michaels in a rare skank-free moment.

Great pics — thanks to my anonymous source for the content!

4 replies on “STALKER REPORT: Celebrity Apprentice Edition”

  1. You’re welcome! Someone has to be your eyes on the East Coast. You’re right it is Curtis Stone.

  2. Yes, Curtis Stone used to have his own show–I think it was on TLC? It was called Take Home Chef–I was ready to take him home and have him cook for me. He has this yummy Aussie accent.

  3. Oh Blago. I live in Chicago and am actually moving into his ‘hood quite soon. I look forward to him jogging down my street on a regular basis. lol.

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