In what may prove to be one of the duller hours of the year, Bravo is gathering all the “cheftestants” from Top Chef: Las Vegas for a reunion where we’ll finally get the answers to our burning questions such as… um… uh… what’s it like to get an AWFUL tattoo? (That’s basically the only pressing matter on my mind). I can’t imagine that this episode will be terribly enlightening thanks to the gaggle of boring, if immensely talented, personalities on hand this season. Luckily, we may have a spark of excitement when it comes to Robin, the oft beleaguered lady chef who found herself the brunt of many other cast members’s derision. In a video after the jump, we see her season-long social plight, but don’t get too excited: the clip conveniently cuts off before we can hear what she thinks about her fellow chefs and their behavior. Nevertheless, these vids might serve as a quaint primer for those of you needing to get amped for tonight’s show. And if nothing else, they at least show off Andy Cohen’s untamed thicket of chest hair, which I know we all love to see as often as possible.
Robin vid after the jump…

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  1. Andy is cute and silly, and perfect for these reunion shows and his own show Watch What Happens, don’t hate on Andy

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