I was bored; so I did a little Amazing Race photocap. So far I’m loving the new season, and even though some people have complained that this batch of racers may constitute the dumbest group of all time, I say that makes it all the better. After all, what’s more fun and unpredictable than watching people with zero survival instincts fumbling their way across the globe? Case in point: the Chilean bus disaster that had ten teams navigating across the country on five buses (at least). You can’t plan for that sort of chaos. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Missed destinations, cows shitting on contestants, ineptitude with stick shifts — it all makes for hilarious yet gripping television. And did I mention playing dress-up with llamas? Yes, The Amazing Race never ceases to entertain.
Pics after the jump…

“This is where I got punched when I lost my girlfriend’s ticket to the Lilith Fair.”

“Oh my gravy, it’s almost time to say ‘Oh my gravy’ again!”

“Hullo. I’m a llama aristocrat. Dreadful business, this race, yes?”

“It’s not over until it’s over, dear. And the most important thing to remember is to have a positive outlook and to speak in a slow and creepy way!”

“Hey BRO, I don’t know where I’m going. Where should I go, BRO?”

“BRO, I told you where to go. Why didn’t you listen to me, BRO? What sort of BRO doesn’t listen to his BRO?”

“I’ve had enough of your BRO-bashing, BRO. I’m gonna BRO this BRO right down to the BRO and make sure you never BRO again, BRO!”

It’s an old lady getting kicked in the head by a cow. Am I supposed to top that?

Caite: “If I stare at the camera long enough, I think I can turn it into a flower.”

Caite: “You know what, honey? No matter what happens, I have great adortion for this condor and the constertion it must have felt.”

Jordan: “Are we there yet?”
Jeff: “Settle down, Weezie Jefferson.”

“Sometimes when I get really competitive, I just want to grab Carol by the throat and shout Melissa Etheridge songs at her. She doesn’t appreciate that.”

“Hey Bro, I just had the funniest thought.”
“What’s that, bro?”
“I don’t know, bro. I forgot.”
“That sucks, bro.”
“I know, bro.”

“This is what my wife does to me when she wants me to take a bath.”

“Oh my gravy! I forgot to bring the hat for my hat!”

“Don’t leave me hanging, girl. Don’t leave me hanging.”
“You look like asparagus. LOLOL!”

“Wait, who am I again?”

“These people are idiots.”

What do you think about the season so far?

9 replies on “AMAZING RACE PHOTOCAP: Feces For Everyone!”

  1. I’m really enjoying this season as well. Glad the Grandmother/Grandaughter team is gone… Granny was just a little too Mary Sunshine for my cynical tastes! Please tell me you’re gonna be photocapping Survivor this season as well?? PLEASE?!?

  2. Why do they always put the worst possible lesbian couple on these shows? I know plenty and none of them act like these people do!!
    Loved the kick to the head that Granny got. Obvs she didn’t know that you weren’t supposed to do the reach-around. I was kinda hoping for more blood aka Gretchen in the cave incident…

  3. I reckon that them there cowboys forgot their hat rain slickers! godamighty!shoot!shucks! darn! real cowboys don’t let there pretty hats get wet ya’ll.
    you get golf claps for this photocap!

  4. So glad you did this.
    I was surprised a llama didn’t spit on one of them. I had that happen to me as a kid. 🙁

  5. I could do the challenges in this leg of the race. Non-Amazing.
    I love J&J still. I am hoping that this year TAR will have a new twist and give Jeff the “Wizard Power”.

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