After last week’s awesome series premiere, Kell On Earth returns tonight with a whole new hour of footage that will hopefully feature Kelly Cutrone screaming at every mortal soul around her. If the preview clips are any indication, she’ll certainly be flipping her shit at least once or twice tonight, especially when the interns en masse screw up a vital gift bag project. The video above shows the lead up to what will surely be a withering attack, but sadly, it cuts away before we can see Kelly truly lay into the newbies.
After the jump are two more clips. One features a model collapsing off camera, and the other shows crowd control in the wake of last week’s list mishaps getting out of hand. My excitement knows no bounds!

2 replies on “KELL ON EARTH PREVIEW: How To Scare Interns”

  1. I am watching the 2nd episode of Kell on Earth, and like you, I fell in LOVE with her on The City, but I have to say….. She is AH.MAZE.ING. This woman works her ass off under so much stress, no wonder she’s so no holds bar.
    LOVE KELLY!!!! And Love B-Side =)
    I read every post you, well, post…and hardly ever comment. But being someone who is obsessed with pop culture and never having been to CA, I have to say my fave posts of yours, is when you do cooking experiments/parties at your apt, and I always look at the background of your pics to see (A) what CA apt living is like and (2) the awesome local places you go that I’ve never seen.
    Keep it up. And SCREW the all caps screaming bitch, and the hot tub homphobe bitch! 😀

  2. um….wow. Sorry. That was a lot longer than I anticipated. I SWEAR I’m not crazy! 😀

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