Babble By Bravo

Okay, this is a straight up shill, but it could be fun. The lovely Katrina has been emailing me on behalf of Bravo about this new thing called the Talk Bubble. It’s an interactive thingy that lets viewers chat with fans of Real Housewives etc. etc. It goes live tonight, I believe; so check it out. More details after the jump!

From the PR Release:
The Talk Bubble [] allows viewers to interact on social media outlets during their favorite Bravo shows, and tomorrow night you can chat live with the Housewives themselves, producers of the show, and fans during the new episode of RHNYC. We’re also integrating Twitter into this – if fans follow @BravtoTV and Tweet using #RealHousewives during the new episode starting at 10/9c, they’ll be automatically entered to win a Flip MinoHD cam.
Check it out, yo! (that was me, not the press release)