CNN Has Made Me A STAR!!

About nine months ago, I posted a video of me sitting behind a crying baby on YouTube. The resultant post garnered a whole bunch of comments, setting off a fierce debate on whether it is the parents’ duty to silence their kid or if it’s the passenger who just needs to get the hell over it. I’m not sure a peaceful agreement was reached, and now I can assure you it’s about to be rehashed all over again because this morning, CNN linked to that very same video as part of an article about flying with children.
Already I’ve received many angry comments on the vid, but who the hell cares? I got linked to by CNN. I’m a staaaaaaaaar!!!!!!
Okay, I’ve collected myself. Anyway, I’m enjoying this mightily. Thanks to B-Side Blog reader Todd for giving me the heads up!

14 replies on “CNN Has Made Me A STAR!!”

  1. I’m a mom and I STILL hate to hear a crying baby on a plane. I give credit if the parent is trying everything in their power to soothe the baby. If not, I silently curse them the entire time.

  2. There is no worse audience than YouTube commenters. If not for the shear volume of idiots on there, it would crack me up.

  3. I just knew when I started reading the comments, that maybe 80% would agree with you being annoyed, and there would be a few jackasses telling you to get over it. Imagine my amazement at all the defenders of the parents and the crying baby. What a freakin nightmare to get stuck on a flight for five hours. I know I go nuts in a restaurant when there’s a crying kid so I can’t imagine a five hour flight.

  4. I love this comment.
    He’s gonna struggle with fatherhood because he doesn’t have the right equipment to MAKE? a child if he can’t put up with a baby crying for an hour or so

  5. My favorite is from zmirza
    “This guy is way too pretty to care about anyone else other than himself.”

  6. Disregard the youtube comments (unless they were good) because your fan base here is all that matters. And yes you are pretty and yes you had the right to be annoyed. Heck I get annoyed with the parents that let their kids cry or run a muck if there is not even an attempt to keep the child quite or in line.

  7. I especially love it that, while berating you, someone called you “too pretty” — insult FAIL!

  8. Oh god, I just read some of the latest comments. My favorite, from mandingo9999999 “You poor thing. Need help getting the? sand out of your vag?”

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