It's A New Trailer For 'The City'!

Kell On Earth may be wrapping up next week, but there will hopefully be no shortage of Kelly Cutrone as the new season of The City kicks off on April 27th. Here to whet your appetite is a scandalicious trailer featuring all our old friends, including Whitney, Roxy, Olivia, Erin, and yes, Kelly. I’ll be curious to see how the People’s Revolution scenes play out now that we’ve spent several weeks gawking in the office. Will the likes of Andrew and Emily and Skinner make cameo appearances? Or will the entire conceit that Whit-Whit and Roxy actually work at People’s Revolution be revealed to be fakery? And does it even matter? Probably not. The point is that The City is coming back, and I’m thrilled! Check out the trailer above.
Via Show Tracker

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