Every week I extol the many virtues of Kell On Earth, and while normally I live for the high drama and screaming overlords, this time around, I come praising the series itself and its notable depiction of a hectic office. Often times, the workplaces we see on TV tend to be glamorous salons or fashion boutiques or otherworldly places that don’t ever seem to take place in reality. The cramped confines of People’s Revolution, however, has the genuine feel of most work environments. Sure, its business is concerned with the rarified world of high fashion, but at its core, Kell On Earth is as much about running an office as it is about gawking at designer labels. Week in and week out, major plot points and drama center around reports getting done, office supplies going awry, and personnel deficiencies that threaten to undermine the entire operation. It’s the nitty-gritty, workaday world that we see, and while People’s Revolution may not be as cleaned up and sanitized as say a docuseries based at an insurance corporation, I imagine the themes are similar. Kell On Earth is truly the most accurate portrayal of small business culture on TV.
Last night’s episode didn’t have much by way of major fireworks, but it did feature the departure of yet another staffer — this time Andrew Serrano, who ultimately quit after an episode’s worth of hemming and hawing. Clearly his bumbling ways were not missed, as evidenced by the dubious “Thanks for the Memories” montage Bravo afforded him — complete with tanning bed moments and Atavin offerings. Aside from that, the hour mostly focused on the other Andrew and his affable, if privileged, ways. The long-haired assistant dealt with many obstacles over the course of the show, from paper shortages to photo shoot tasks, but no ordeal was quite as drama-filled as his silly Addams Family themed dinner. You see, Andrew had told everyone to be there at nine, but Skinner and That Other Girl didn’t arrive until eleven. Dunh dunh DUNH!!! What to do? Normally, I’d say “eat,” but Andrew, being the gentlemanly host, waited and waited and waited. This way, once the ladies arrived, everyone was appropriately crabby and hungry. Fun times.
Alas, no major drama resulted from this dinner party, but that was okay because I knew we were in store for a major tragedy; one involving an ambulance and Kelly crying. After all, it had been all over the promos all week. But no! Despite heavy promotion, there wasn’t even a trace of a medical emergency. Not cool, Bravo.
Photocap after the jump.

“This is what you call spacing out in the POWER BITCH world!”

“How hot is Lucien, right? I can’t wait to have sex with him in the back closet. Or as it’s formally known: my bedroom.”

Stephanie: “Really? You bitched me out about being late to THIS? I mean, put on some goddamn lights or something.”

“This is what you call hat wearing in the POWER BITCH world!”

“I hope no one notices the electrical wire I bumped into just before.”

“This chatroulette thing is crazy!”

“Look at my daughter using the Internet all by herself. It’s so European.”

Emily: “Why is Kelly wearing a beehive?”

Women: “Lololololololol!!!”
Kelly: “Who the FUCK is the girl at the end? Another seatcrasher on the POWER BITCH stoop, that’s who!”

Andrew: “I don’t get what the problem is.”
Robyn: “Well, for starters, you wrote ‘I love LUBE!’ at the top of the page.”

“This a pretty cool chair.”
“Thanks. It’s Versace.”
“Oh. So I guess now would be a bad time to inform you of my bladder control issues.”

“Uh, Kelly, you don’t mind that all this new paper has watermarks of Morticia Addams on it, do you?”

“Andrew, I asked for the weekly reports! Why are they not ready?”
“I’m thorry, but there’s a new Britney video on YouTube!”

What did you think about the episode?

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  1. Have you seen the documentary, “Jay McCarroll: Eleven Minutes”? It’s about Project Runway’s season 1 winner Jay McCarroll putting out his first fashion show. Kelly Cutrone’s People’s Revelution is producing the show. Amazing view of her PR biz from the client’s view. Talk about a “power bitch”

  2. Andrew is so nonchalant about everything, “I just thought I would get lots of paper at one time because its a hassle getting a check and faxing it” yadayadayada he kills me, I like him I like his style and was hoping he would get the black crown but, that freaking chair is awesome!
    Ava is the cutest one on the show

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