Opening A Box (Really, That's All This Is)

Almost every day, I get an email asking me what it’s like to be me. Well, maybe not every day. Or even every other day. Okay, never. No one ever asks what it’s like to be me. But if someone were to ask, I’d refer them to the above video which I shot for no real reason except that I was amused by my own incompetence and thought I’d document it. Yes, this clip is one of me trying to open a plastic box — a task that proved to be surprisingly difficult. After four minutes of prying, I decided I would bust out the webcam to record the silliness on display. It’s stupid. But I thought I’d share because… well… it’s the blogosphere. That’s what one does.

14 replies on “Opening A Box (Really, That's All This Is)”

  1. lol. I have the same problem with those stupid containers, of course, whatever was in it usually ends up on my floor because of the force I exert in order to open it.

  2. i just realized that i am such a fan, that even you opening a plastic container is funny to me. wow. just wow.

  3. perhaps you are inflicted with rheumatoid arthritis in your wrists, thus making it nearly impossible for you to maneuver around such simple tasks as opening a container full of, what was that, deli carved sliced chicken breast? more importantly, i own the same plastic cutting board as you.

  4. Three items: 1. This is ridiculous, but I confess to smiling. 2. Your voice makes my special places tingle. 3. I am jonesing for a jash post.

  5. My second post of all time!
    I was forced to respond. The way you get so frustrated at the corners of that tupperware, and keep moving on to a new corner, is a) stupid. Why would one be better than the other? b) TOTALLY what I do all the time! … ‘This corner sucks, fuck you corner, I’ll try the next one..ya it worked! So take that inanimate object! I shooooowed you!’
    I love the way you think!

  6. p.s. I swear, on the ‘preview’ this post was properly ordered. On (blog)paper it just looks sloppy.

  7. Fantastic! In addition to looking incredibly hot, your voice is really sexy too? Great going, B-Side!
    Don’t EVEN get me started on the whole funny & smart situation…

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