Countess LuAnn's New Single Has Arrived

We’ve seen it in the previews, and now here it is: Countess LuAnn De Lesseps’s first single, haughtily titled “Elegance Is Learned.” The best way to describe it is sort of like a gay version of “The Monster Mash,” as sung by a smokey divorcé. So… my kind of music! I really can’t tell if LuAnn is in on the joke with this ditty, but here’s one thing I do know: it’s a sad day when the high watermark for music generated by The Real Housewives comes from Kim Zolciak.
“Tardy For The Party” = still da bomb.
Via Best Week Ever (thanks to Malibu Judie)

17 replies on “Countess LuAnn's New Single Has Arrived”

  1. OH. MY. GOD.
    Is this for real? Like, for real for real? No! She sounds, I don’t even know what… it’s just… AWFUL! hahahaha

  2. OH MY GOD!!
    You people HAVE to listen to this (although I don’t think I made it past 90 seconds). It’s hilarious! Her spoken word/ rap thing was so awkward. Talk about by-proxy embarrassment~ I’m reeling over here…

  3. Maybe Bethanny was right and the lovely countess is a,”dumb drag queen,” or maybe she was channeling Vincent Price and,’Thriller,’?

  4. I was embarrassed just listening to it.
    Eric Cartman has more elegance and class than Countess Luann.

  5. I’ve already commented, but I still can’t even believe this.. hahaha .. “MY, FRIENDS.. OH, YEAH”

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