Behold The Mastery of Sarantos Studios!


Amateur thespians can often provide some of the most unwittingly hilarious comedy out there, and thanks to one overeager acting teacher, we now have a wealth of comic potential to choose from on YouTube. The “Sarantos Studios” YouTube Channel is a collection of acting reels of varying talent (all of it poor). Viewed together, they almost feel like modern art — the sort of bizarre video installation one might find in a dark corner of the MOMA. Each one on its own, however, is nothing short of surreal and hilarious. Be sure to click around the channel, and if that should be too much of an overwhelming task, I’ve included my favorite clips from the students (FYI, the video attached to yesterday’s And Whatnot was pulled from this channel).

Bizarre monologues and body movements after the jump…

In no particular order:

Charmingly creepy.

I just love how this woman says her name.

STRONG finale on this one.

I like Carla’s kangaroo boxing move at the end.

Irene’s unexpected rage is Oscar worthy.

Winner for best turn.

And in case you missed it earlier this week:

12 replies on “Behold The Mastery of Sarantos Studios!”

  1. “And then he got hit by a bus.” Story of my life.

    That was equal parts amazing and cringe-worthy.

  2. Okay, I just HAD to add two more to the list. See the newbies above: Debi Wollitzer and Pam Pappas

    1. I can only imagine what Frank (aka legit and talented actor) must think of these. OMG HE SHOULD TOTALLY MAKE ONE.

  3. They were deleted this morning!

    Did anyone save them? In desperate need of the Pam Pappas video.

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