Wonderful news: I got out of jury duty, and it’s a good thing too. Had I been selected, I would have been sitting on a trial where the charges were something like “Attempted Murder of a BABY” (emphasis mine, not California’s). Additionally, the defendant — Ruth Lopez — spoke no English, which meant there was a high probability that the proceedings would have taken that much longer, on account of the need for interpreters, etc.. The plus side was that the presiding judge was a regular comedian, and I frequently found myself chuckling at his many asides. However, as much as I enjoyed Judge Marcus’s comic timing, I’m much happier being free from the Los Angeles Superior Court system.

With my new (or regained) free time, I shall finally watch last night’s Real Housewives. Expect a photocap somewhat soon (I may take a recess to my pool as the weather in LA today is fairly orgasmic). In the meantime, check out this post by Heather Whaley, who was inspired by my brief yet intense civic duty.

Bonus points for those who know what the picture above is.

12 replies on “I’m FREEEEEE!!!”

  1. Is that the Captain Hook song from “Arrested Development”???? Fuzzy memory of you, Jash & I eloquently reciting that song while parading our drunk asses up & down the streets of LA…. 🙂

  2. A relief to us all you got out of the jury duty and will be posting as normal.
    Of course that’s Peter Pan testifying in court against Captain Hook. Now all we need is the music and lyrics.

  3. “You’re a crook, Captain Hook! Judge, won’t you throw the book at the pirate…”

  4. Gilbert Grapes! At least 50% of the time when I log on I get the sick crappy feeling seeing Jill Zarins dog lick her nose all up. STOP IT~~~~~~~!!!!!!!

  5. I love how the bailiff (?? is that correct, I’m not up on my courtroom terms…) looks like he or she has a wizard cap on. I realize it’s just a flag, but I love photos like that. I used to have one of a camera ad with a vacation pic of Uncle Fred with a palm tree growing out of the top of his head.

  6. I agree on the Jill/dog photo. You need to a design where we can click on pictures and elect, “NEVER show this again.” I’d rather see Snooki and The Situation sucking face. And that says A LOT.

    1. OMG tell me about the case! What were the details? What was the verdict? And were you the executive assistant on the jury??

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