Toot It & Boot It, My Friends

I just looked at my site stats, and for whatever reason, people searching for the new hit “Toot It & Boot It” by TyDolla$ign and YG have been directed here, courtesy of Google. Why? I’m not sure. But everyone coming here has been greeted with the harsh reality that not only do I not have any “Toot It & Boot It” content, but the only thing close is a now-defunct Barefoot Contessa clip with the headline “TOOT TOOT: Ina Garten Hits The High Seas.” Something tells me that the YG fans out there aren’t necessarily seeking out Ina Garten (although, they should be).

Nevertheless, as a service to the people arriving at this site (and because I’ve fallen behind on posting), I’m posting the “Toot It & Boot It” video. Also, it’s been in my head all day.

10 replies on “Toot It & Boot It, My Friends”

  1. I’m sure you talked about “Toot It” on your Twitter before. They must be wondering what you’re talking about.

  2. Toot it and boot it means to have sex with some one and then kick them out, I believe.

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