Time For Another Mel Gibson Rant!

What more is to say that hasn’t been said already? It’s yet another rant from a panting, breathless, and totally unhinged Mel Gibson. It plays like all the rest, except this time Oksana defends herself a bit more in that oddly calm NPR voice of hers.

Needless to say, the audio remains decidedly NSFW.

Via D-Listed

After the jump, another rant that I had forgotten to post about!

5 replies on “Time For Another Mel Gibson Rant!”

  1. Both of these idiots are AWFUL. But damn, do I miss the days of Mel doing DUI’s and calling cops “Sugartits”. This is too much. You can’t give him the old “Wellllll, he waaaaaaaas drunk, aaaaand he is William Wallace after all, aaaaand Sugartits is my new favorite insult.” Of course my new new favorite insult is “you look like a bitch in heat” so I guess there’s that.

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