AND WHATNOT: The Most Amazing Grilled Cheese Ever? Also, Emmys, Bad Dressers, Takoyaki, and Tomatoes!

NPR: Sandwich Monday: The Denny’s Fried Cheese Melt (thanks Sly!)
HuffPo: Bloomingdale’s Retouchers Give Model Mutant Elbow (PHOTOS, POLL) (thanks run_t_run)
Popbytes: TELEVISIONBYTES: THE EMMYS – A MIX OF OLD AND NEW (written by yours truly)
Vulture: Dancing With The Stars Cast Includes Bristol, The Situation and The Hoff
ESPN: Rex Ryan confident, even without Revis
GeekWeek: MLB: Manny Is Heading To Chi-Town
LAist: Westside Subway and Regional Connector Take Big Steps Towards Reality
Hollywood Life: You’ve Seen The Best, Now Check Out The Worst Dressed From The 2010 Emmy Awards!
AP: RV dealer challenges ‘Twilight’ star to push-ups (this might cause heart palpitations for Sly)
Starcasm: PHOTOS Bethenny zaps Jill Zarin and Kelly Bensimon with shrink ray?
Tasting Table: A Takoyaki Tour (proud to say I tagged along for some of the research that went into this article!)
Dessert Darling: Adventures in New M&Ms: Pretzel M&Ms
Eat Your Feelings: Sock-it-to-Me Halloumi
WSwD: Great Food Truck Race: Crepes Blown-Apart! (Sorry, I Had To)
LAist: Make This Drink: Official Cocktail of The Emmy Awards

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6 thoughts on “AND WHATNOT: The Most Amazing Grilled Cheese Ever? Also, Emmys, Bad Dressers, Takoyaki, and Tomatoes!

  1. I like the pretzel M&M’s, but the best pretzel/sweet combo is still Chubby Hubby ice cream b/c it has peanut butter filled chocolate covered pretzels inside. Everything that an ovulating woman desires!

    • “Everything an ovulating woman desires!” Hahah! I laughed out loud. Thanks for brightening my morning.

      I actually like the pretzel M&Ms, but I wonder if it’s maybe because of my affection for caramel. She insinuates they taste more like caramel… Yummmmmmmm.

      I read that article on DWTS (which I haven’t ever watched but might now). And The Sitch is picked a pre-season predicted winner. Am I the only one who sees him being a bumbling, awkward mess? If not him, then definitely Audrina. I’m ready to eat my words.

      And I’m also ready to eat that cheese sandwich. If they’d make it (as the comments suggest) with jalapenos, I’d head to Denny’s right now!

      • yw Kelly! Btw- I’m totally hoping that Jennifer Grey kicks ass on DWTS. I can’t belive that she’s 50!

  2. b – in your review of the Emmys I was a bit surprised that you made no mention of Jewel’s ear splitting ode to dead people. ::cringe::


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