BIG BROTHER PHOTOCAP: Wizards and Warriors


I was kind of half asleep when I watched last night’s episode of Big Brother, but I must admit, my pendulum of emotion is swinging pro-Rachel these days. Why? Well, the more of a pussy Brendon acts, the more fed up Rachel becomes. And the more fed up Rachel becomes, the more entertaining she is. Catty Rachel? Hilarious. Bitchy Rachel? Great. Lovey-dovey, giggling, crying Rachel? The worst. Case in point: when last night’s episode opened up, we caught Brendon moping about that Rachel had been too mean in her “Bring it on!” nomination speech. Her reaction? More or less a dismissive WHATEVER [imagine me doing the little W with my hands]. Her frustration grew when Brendon then complained about feeling “invisible” and hurt. It was pathetic in the most entertaining of ways.

As for the rest of the household, it was the same old, same old. Kristen and Hayden again categorically denied being in a showmance; although, I’m not sure they won over too many people when after they lost the Veto competition they sobbed and embraced in each other’s arms. Amazingly, I’m hearing reports that most of the household still believes they’re related, not lovers, which doesn’t give me high hopes for the level of intelligence we should expect from the gameplay from here on out.

Nevertheless, pics after the jump…

“That was really mean what you said, Rachel. You shouldn’t be telling people to bring it on. Unless, of course, the ‘it’ refers to a hug. You can bring that on. So… Hug?”

“Okay, just sit still. I’m going to come in for a hug. Here I come…”


“I’m giving you an eye hug.”

“Rachel, you keep saying ‘I.’ It makes me feel invisible.”
“That’s because I think you’re a pussy.”
“See? You did it again.”
“Okay, WE think that YOU’RE a pussy.”
“Thank you. I love you.”

“Hey guys. Just wanted to let you know that this is a game; so don’t take anything personally. Also, Kristen, you’re a whore, and Hayden, you’re an idiot. But again, don’t take things personally.”

Rachel: “If this door is gonna stay shut, it has another thing coming. Ain’t NO DOOR coming between me and MY MAN!”

“I bet no one realizes I understand wizard-speak. It was part of my PhD in communications. My dissertation was on warlock phonetics.”

“As the resident wizard, I hereby cast the spell Huggicus Brendonicus!”

“Let me tell you something. Ain’t NO TALL GOBLET getting between me and MY MAN!”

“Oh my Gad, Hayden is so hat. He’s definitely my most favorite brother to kiss.”

Hayden: “Yup. Nothing to see here. No showmance whatsoever. Just two people acting as dramatic as two lovers being torn apart. That’s all. Sister and brother.”
“A HOT brother at that!”
nom nom nom nom


“This is NAT how I wanted things to end. I will NAT WAKK outta this HASS without my brother lover!”

“Ain’t no roots getting between me and MY MAN!”

Kristen: “Um, can we make this quick? I have a Jazzercize class to get to.”

“I’m ganna claw tha eyes out of Rachel. AND THEN I’M GANNA DO MY BROTHER AGAIN.”

What did you think about the episode?

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  1. omg seriously? talk about calling it in…i feel maureen dowd put more work into her wednesday column than this.

  2. i can NAT believe the level of dramatic soap opera drama in this season, which i have to admit is pretty hilarious. between rachel and brendon’s nauseating proclamations of love and now, seeing the pain of hayden and kristin’s love being separated by a wall for 24 hours.

    my dislike for hayden, enzo, and matt still makes me on team brenchel but i’m still pulling for lane to win this thing (or britney for second choice).

  3. Whenever Kristen was talking about Hayden needing to win the veto for himself or play the game for himself she kept saying HISSELF…. his self…. HisSelf.

    I die, literally.

    1. It’s like when someone wants to axe a question. My muscles get all tensed up because it hurts to hear something like that.

  4. This may be a little far fetched, but does anyone else think Kristin bears a resemblance to Roz from Laguna Beach?

  5. What about the whole issue with Kristen having a boyfriend back home? I am shocked that didn’t come up in your photocap. Nevertheless, still a great read, as usual! Loooovin’ B-Side!

  6. I really thought Kristen looked BETTER in the hippietard w/ wig. She is so weird looking otherwise….but for some reason thinks she’s really hot….I don’t get that. I think Rachel’s an annoying idiot, but frankly I have to be grateful to Rachel for ousting Kristen, the undeservedly conceited and exceedingly BORING girl. I mean B-O-R-I-N-G. Ugh. Good riddance.

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