Does This Banana Republic Model Have A Blatant Erection?


My old friend jash noticed something peculiar on the Banana Republic website today. Turns out one of the male models has a full-on boner, and since this blog is nothing if not mature, I’m here to post about it and snicker. Of course, the image could simply be the product of unfortunate creasing; however, somewhere in the BR empire, there’s an artistic director who most certainly saw this photo and approved it. Is this pandering to Banana’s gay following? Or merely peen for peen’s sake? It’s hard to say (no pun intended).

After the jump, a second image that provides more compelling evidence of genital arousal.


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    1. Whoops! Double post…. sorry. When I tried the first time, I got some error message about an R2-D2 cake?

  1. hmmm…..the “view larger” option… it’s frequency of use higher or lower, do you think?

  2. Haha! “This blog is nothing if not mature.” I agree.

    Funny story. Dude in our marketing department had to “Photoshop out” a well endowed guy before the person was approved for print/showing in some marketing material. So I’m sure SOMEONE saw it. Because our Marketing Department is nothing if not efficient… (Said in same sarcastic tone as your mature comment.) In other words if our Mktg team found it, surely BR’s saw it and said, “What the hell?”

  3. Whoa. And LOL at “You might also like…Ina Garten’s Sour Cream Pancakes” recipe link on this post.

  4. I love them touting “Available in Big & Tall”. Do I need to tell you that’s what she said?

  5. I’m pretty sure that’s just a banana he was toting to stave off hunger during a grueling photo shoot–that particular curve is identical to the one a Chiquita on my kitchen counter is currently sporting.

  6. I’m not sure what the heck that is but I am sure that I want his number! I always shop at Boner Republic.

    1. Who asked you, Rachel?? Go back to boning Brendon and pay attention pu-lease: This is not Brook Shields, but some wannabe porno actor trying to break into the industry. Just like you are, Mizz McTitty!

  7. Very interesting… when I go to their site and search for “tailored herringbone suit pant”, the original image as you show is in the list. However, NOW when you go to the actual image of the item, it looks like it’s already been airbrushed/fixed up.

  8. I went to the site last night when I saw the post and the boner was still there but Cposter is right, it’s been airbrushed now.

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