Lynne Curtin Dropped from ‘The Real Housewives of Orange County’

In a somewhat surprising development, Bravo has axed professional Botox sponge Lynne Curtin from The Real Housewives of Orange County after two seasons of spacey but entertaining service. Lynne was never the cattiest of women, but her strange parenting choices and questionable spending habits always held an intriguing appeal. Her recent financial and marital woes, which were documented on camera, proved to be somewhat riveting in so much as they epitomized the general decline in lifestyle so many of her cast members had been going through since the series first hit the airwaves.

According to Radar Online, Replacing Lynne will be Irvine resident Peggy Tanous, who hopefully will add another strain of bitchy awfulness to the already deplorable, yet wonderful, cast.

For more information, check out Radar’s article here (via Socialite Life)

10 replies on “Lynne Curtin Dropped from ‘The Real Housewives of Orange County’”

  1. It also says that Lynne and her family are getting their own show (according to Lynne) – that would be an instant trainwreck classic!

  2. I will miss Lynne’s pill/booze haze and her insane denial that her daughters are train wrecks, and her shopping sprees after just being informed they are broke. I guess she is too sweet midst the cast of sharks. Hopefully they will replace her with a huge bitch to make up for the loss of laughs.

  3. I will miss her and all the time she spent determining whether she had air conditioning or not. She never did figure that out, poor thing.

    1. Me, too. I love this ditzy, over-medicated, high-ass housewife. (And when I read this, I immediately thought of the photo-caps of her contemplating air conditioning- I still laugh about it).

  4. I read one of the daughters is pregnant. I think they can’t be on the show because they have to move every month to dodge evictions and process servers.

    Someone in that family needs to learn how to read, so they can start filling out job applications.

  5. I will miss Lynne to a degree. In the beginning her family was interesting to watch, but towards the end it was really a train wreck. Her daughters had alot of issues that Lynne needs to address. I also hope that Lynne stops trying to look as thin and young as her daughters and BE A MOTHER. Plus, she just didn’t have the killer instinct to take on the other ladies. I, too, hope they bring a stronger, bitchier woman.

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