QUICK HIT: Sexy Face!


Pop quiz: the above person is

A) Cher

B) Donatella Versace

C) Rose McGowan

D) Sly

E) Heidi Montag in five years.

F) None of the above.

A hint after the jump, and to find the answer (and more beautiful photos), click here.

Hint: She looked like this at one point.

13 replies on “QUICK HIT: Sexy Face!”

  1. Yikes! That is frightening. Given the options, I’ll go with “dead.”

    I’m a bit relieved it’s not Chyna Doll, as that was my first though.

  2. I was thinking it was Jocelyn whatsername–the chick who has had so much plastic surgery so that she looks more like a cat–just getting all fancied up for a night on the town.

    I did once have lips that looked like that, or to be factual, LIP. I tried to ride my bike down a steep driveway into the street and wiped out. Had the hugest fat lip for two weeks. That was so painful, I can’t believe anyone would PAY to look like that.

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