Simon Barney Arrested For Domestic Abuse


It’s been a banner day for arrests: first Braylon Edwards, then Joe Giudice. Now we can add Simon Barney to the list. The controlling husband from The Real Housewives of Orange County allegedly threw a dog leash at ex-wife Tamra Barney that struck her in the wrist. Reportedly, Tamra called the police, and voila, here we are. Now Simon is being held on $10,000 bail.

I suppose we always knew it would come to this.

More information:

TMZ: ‘O.C. Housewife’ Hubby Arrested for Domestic Violence
People: Real Housewives of O.C. Husband Arrested for Domestic Violence

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5 thoughts on “Simon Barney Arrested For Domestic Abuse

  1. Quick recap
    He threw a retractable Dog Leash at her head.
    (how he ever missed that huge hot mess of a head we will never know)
    She threw up her hands to protect said huge head.
    (fast hands hot mama)
    Retractable leash hit her wrist.
    (wow, called the police?? I would have kicked his ass.)
    All over the location of a child’s birthday party.
    (life long birthday issues for child)
    She is in an apartment and he got the house?

  2. 10,000 dollar bail? Going to jail? Over a dog leash being thrown? What a pathetic whore, just deal with it. If the girl hit the guy over the eat with the dog leash until he passed out she still wouldn’t have gotten arrested.

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