AND WHATNOT: Tempers Flare on ‘The View;’ Also, T.I. Is A Hero, Dessert Darling Blows Up, and The Hottest Spots in DTLA

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6 replies on “AND WHATNOT: Tempers Flare on ‘The View;’ Also, T.I. Is A Hero, Dessert Darling Blows Up, and The Hottest Spots in DTLA”

  1. Ya know, Bill O’Reily is a blowhard. Everyone knows he is a blowhard — it isn’t exactly a secret. I would, for example, never have him over to my house. But I can’t excuse Whoopi & Joy here. They knew what he was when they invited him on the show (or the producers invited him on the show) and it is their JOB (for which they get paids lots of money) to interview/discuss issues with people. So, Bill O’Reily is wrong (as is usual) and/or being incendiary (as is usual) — discuss it civilly and PROVE HIM WRONG. I gotta agree with Babs here: walking out on him is unproffessional. This isn’t a dinner party in someone’s house, where if someone is really offending you, you can excuse yourself politely and leave OR completely ice/ignore the person if you don’t want to engage his stupidity. And, the truth is, this is not the first time Whoopi & Joy have acted like this with someone they disagree with (not walking out on, but yelling over them). If they can’t rationally disagree with someone who doesn’t share their views either: (1) don’t have such a person on the show OR (2) they should get other jobs.

  2. All this did was prove what a bunch of intolerant bitches whoopie and joy are. As with most liberals, they’re only for free speech as long as they agree with it. So Bill’s an ass? Anyone here not know that? If they don’t know how to act like mature hosts of a television show, they should just get another job.

  3. BILL IS ABSOLUTELY CORRECT! If the worldwide Muslim community would stand up against MUSLIM terrorists, there would be a profound change. This is hard to understand? Also Joy Behar is the most annoying woman on TV today.

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