Audrina’s Mom is Drunk, Amazing

Reality starlet Audrina Patridge got voted off Dancing with the Stars last night; so what’s a mother to do? How about get drunk on Hollywood Boulevard and give the paps a piece of her mind? That’s exactly what Audy’s mom did, and in this hilarious video, the woman (who looks strikingly like her daughter) unleashes her wrath at American, Lauren Conrad, and pretty much anyone else she’s felt has wronged her daughter. Good times indeed…

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  1. Now we know why Audrina reins it in so tightly….she could be like her mother, completely, utterly and totally tasteless

    1. I have yet to watch the video, but after skimming through Ben’s synopsis/teaser, I have to say to Kate, “Wow. I didn’t know that people were still licking KConrad’s butt-crack!”

  2. I was reading somewhere that there is a reality show about Audrina and her family in the works and I thought… how boring. But now after seeing this they might have a hit on their hands! LMAO Poor Audrina.

  3. HOLY CRAP! She looks just like her mother! I thought that was Audrina for a minute. I was like, DANG, DTWS aged the heck out of her!

  4. hahaha the past couple days i haven’t seen the video just read what she said. Thank goodness i finally watched it, she is an amazing nightmare! I can’t wait for this reality show just because she talked so much shit about the hills!

  5. I am telling you, The Hills-Cougar Edition will be a big hit. Kathy Conrad and Darlene Montag can be the BFF’s that Lauren and Heidi were meant to be. Lynn Patridge is the new bitch in town. Linda Thompson (Brody’s mom) can be the slattern cast member.

    But seriously though, I never expected this since Audrina seems so sweet and soft spoken.

  6. Is this a spin off of the old Saturday Night Live skit with Jimmy Fallon and Rachel Dratch playing trashy Southies who try to go to a nice restaurant?

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