Mariah Carey Releases Most Ambitious Music Video Yet

I love when Mariah Carey does goofy things. Tops on my list is when she threw the first pitch out at a Japanese baseball game (followed by her drunken acceptance speech at the Palm Springs Film Festival). Certainly ranking up there is this silly music video which looks like it was filmed in her basement in between afternoon snacks. It’s just a loopy, chesty Mariah swaying back and forth behind generic footage of fireworks, all while she croons her ridiculous take on “Auld Lang Syne.” Clearly this will be the anthem for any and all New Years gay pride parades.

Nevertheless, I gotta give it up to Mariah. That was $10 of production values well spent!

Via Bark Bite Blog

3 replies on “Mariah Carey Releases Most Ambitious Music Video Yet”

  1. Holy pregnancy rack!!! Those things are huge!! Looks like she is having fun with it all, anyway. Had to stop after the first minute…. how in the world does that go on for 4 mins???

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