Harvard Picks Leno Over Conan. Typical.


I don’t always have kind thoughts for Harvard. Call me biased — I did attend rival school Dartmouth — but the latest example of Crimson head scratching has come courtesy of this year’s Hasty Pudding Award. While the selection of Julianne Moore is perfectly fine, I’m fairly perplexed about the choice of fellow honoree Jay Leno over, say, Harvard alumnus Conan O’Brien. Granted, it’s false logic to imply that the Hasty Pudding Award came down to the two men, but if the school were to choose a late night comedian, one might think Harvard would opt for one of its own… or at the very least someone who displays considerably more talent, humor, and skill than what Leno brings to the table. Why Jay over Conan? It’s unclear. But it’s all classic Harvard. (Go Big Green!)

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