Hot New Fashion Trends from ‘Jersey Shore’


It’s the new year, and with a new year comes new trends. Thankfully we have the cast of Jersey Shore to clue us in to the new looks for 2011. After the jump, check out the sweet duds and fashion statements that J-WOWW, Snooki, and the others all made at the MTV New Year’s Eve bash.

Ronnie and Sammi sport their trademark look: puff ‘n’ wrinks. It’s a style that few can pull off with as much panache. For Ronnie, it means donning a slick blazer over a graphic tee while boasting a fresh, newly plumped ‘roid puffiness. Sammi, meanwhile, is radiant in her shimmering blue dress which perfectly accentuates her ever growing collection of facial wrinkles, lovingly rendered in the New Jersey sun. It’s definitely THE look for 2011.

New cast member Deena shows off her signature style: Joey-Buttafuoco-tranny-chic.

J-WOWW has slimmed down and slutted up in this conservative ensemble that reminds us that New Year’s is not only a time for reflection, but also pasties.

What’s even better about J-WOWW’s look is that when seated, it transforms her into a 43 year old mafia wife.

I would post pictures of MVP, but, well, they look the same as always.

Hope this style guide helps.

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  1. JWOW looks like two huge blowfish were caught in a fishermans net…
    I can’t wait to see the skin on these people when they all hit 40.

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