A Night At The Roxbury (And Then Some)


I had it in my mind Friday night that I’d be spending the evening in watching The Soup and catching up on work. And yet somehow I wound up going out and about in Hollywood instead. That’s probably thanks to two of my lady friends, Phamtastic and Ashton, who were hot to trot for some nightlife. Who was I to deny them that?

The three of us headed to Michael Utsinger’s “NYC Invades LA” event at The Roxbury, the iconic ’90s hotspot (and movie namesake) which has been reborn in Hollywood after having been shuttered for over a decade. Some random pictures from the event as well as various embarrassing photos of me dancing after the jump…

We arrive just in time for the tail-end of an open champagne bar.

Enjoying the pleasant vibe of the Roxbury’s garden. I should note that Phamtastic doesn’t drink, but since the open bar was closing, she was charged with holding my second glass, lest I be mistaken for an egregious double-fister.

Another glimpse of the garden.”

A looming staircase beckons us into the club.

A random bag of cupcakes makes an appearance. Always an encouraging sign.

This entrancing lady designed her entire outfit, which definitely stood out in the sartorially challenged crowd. She was very sweet, and now we’re Facebook friends. So… be impressed.

Inside, the club teems with life. Very cool decor. It feels kind of like a sci-fi disco.

A veritable mountain of girls (including the cupcake bag holder, I believe).

The giant bar is conveniently located in the middle of the club. Fun fact: Natalie from Survivor: Fans vs. Favorites was tending bar that night. I of course talked up my love for the show with her, and she generously gave me a free beer. SCORE!

The club from above in the VIP section.

The Roxbury was fun, but being the party-people that we are, it was time to change venues. We got our dance on at L Bar around the corner.

Ashton suffers some minor shoe issues.

I’m anything if not helpful.

Our ode to Mannequin Two: On The Move.

Phamtastic looking sexy on the dancefloor.

Ashton gets her sexy on too. Or at least a solid pucker.

As always, there’s a big, fun crowd at L Bar and a commendable lack of Bridge & Tunnel peeps. The girl in the foreground seems shocked about something. SHOCKED!

Ceremonial whipping of the hair back and forth. Sadly, Phamtastic seemed to be having a major hair malfunction.

A glimpse at one of my many awkward dance moves.

Turning it AWN.

Phamtastic attracts a new friend.

She’s clearly thrilled about it.

Bye bye.

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