Get Your Zaaaaaarin Faaaaabrics Groupon!


The season premiere of The Real Housewives of New York City is just around the corner (or so we think), and to celebrate the return of Kelly, Jill, Alex, and the rest of the gang, why not go out and buy yourself some fabric? That’s right, ZAAAAARIN FAAAABRICS has a Groupon deal going on today, and that means you can buy $50 worth of FAAAAABRIC for only $25. BAAAAWWWWWBY, time to buy some FAAAAAABRIC for AAAAAALLY.

For those in the market for such things, check out the deal here.

Thanks to Meeshie for the heads up!

One reply on “Get Your Zaaaaaarin Faaaaabrics Groupon!”

  1. This is totally bizarre… and hilarious. Who knew there were Real Housewives fans working at Groupon?

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