Introducing Comment of the Week

In an effort to promote further activity on the site and community building and all that fun stuff, I’ve decided to introduce a Comment of the Week feature that will highlight some of the best and funniest contributions by you, my dear readers. Whoever is selected will have his or her quote featured on the sidebar for a whole week (oooooh!!) and will thus be able to use those bragging rights in whatever manner seems appropriate.

This week’s choice:

“I’m sorry, but if you leave out ‘Nobody puts Baby in the corner,’ you haven’t gotten to the heart of the movie at all. Germans!” — Joanna on ‘Dirty Dancing’ in Sixty Seconds, As Portrayed By Germans

After the jump, three other amusing comments.

“I wonder how he’d react if he saw a double rainbow all the way?” — The Wonk on VIDEO: iPhone Footage of Japanese Earthquake Hits The Internet

“I can think of only one thing when I watch this: widescreen, motherfucker, not portrait.” — IndianJones on VIDEO: iPhone Footage of Japanese Earthquake Hits The Internet

“I am so disappointed Lynn’s not back this season. I wonder if her air conditioning is on…” — Derder on REAL HOUSEWIVES OF OC PHOTOCAP: Fun With Spirits, Both Alcoholic and Evil

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  1. Holy Crap! Honorable mention! Coming from you, B (one of the GREATEST WRITERS OF THIS GENERATION!! 🙂 I am humbled for the recognition. Thank You.

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