My First Shamrock Shake Experience


As much as I adore fast food, I have some serious gaps in my experience. For example, I’ve never eaten Taco Bell (that will change next month — an outing is scheduled). Similarly, up until last night, I’d never tried one of McDonald’s famed Shamrock Shakes, but with St. Patty’s day right around the corner and all the scuttlebutt about the green libations on Facebook and Twitter, I could no longer stand on the sidelines of fast food culture. It was time to cross this drink off my quaffing bucket list.

After the jump, check out photos, courtesy of Phamtastic, of my very first Shamrock Shake.

Here I am at McDonalds. Not even the presence of several tranny hookers (and there were SEVERAL just off camera) could deter me from my mission.

Ordering to commence shortly.

The shake is in hand, and a straw has been procured. Tasting to begin shortly

I must say I’m a bit put off by the neon green color, but I suppose one can’t expect natural hues (or food) at McDonalds.

My first sip. For a moment, I forget about the tranny in fishnet stockings and feel like I’ve been transported to the heart of Ireland.

I like it!

The verdict: what a lovely, minty, sugary treat! Yes, the Shamrock Shake was a Celtic delight, but I can’t say that I understand the hype. As lovely as it was, I have a hard time thinking I’ll be yearning for it again next year. It’s certainly no CADBURY CREME EGG.

Maybe next time I have one I’ll spike it with something. That’ll certainly change my opinion…

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  1. I think they hype comes from the years when there were no Shamrock Shakes. Or they were only available at a handful of locations. I was surprised to find them at my very own local Mc Donald’s last year (they gave me a free one because I may have been way too excited when they told me they did have the Shamrock shake available). They have them again this year, I had one and I’m all set. I think it was the hunt that was fun.

  2. Ë„ What Jenn10girl said. Whaaaaaat?? I have 2 things to say about that: Nachos Bell Grande and Soft Taco Supreme. You will LURVVEE the Bell. YUMMMMM.

    Great, now I want some.

  3. and now I want a Shamrock shake. Always my fave thing when I was a kid, but I prolly haven’t had one in over 10 years.

  4. Right there with Nikki and Jenny — you have never run for the Border? Oh my. Will look forward to that photo cap!! As for the Shamrock shake, I am just okay on it — agree with you… nice but no cadbury egg.

  5. I’m disappointed that you’ve never had Taco Bell. Of course, there is no shortage of Mexican food choices in California.

    Gorditas (and Gordita Crunch) and chalupas are probably my favorite items. Cheesy Bean & Rice or 7-Layer burrito are also pretty good. Make sure you use the sauces (mild, hot, or fire). Give the Mountain Dew Baja Blast a try also.

  6. Taco Bell – I enjoy the Grilled Stuffed Burrito w/ sour cream or the Crunch Wrap Supreme. And they have a green sauce now that I like very much.

  7. I haven’t had a Shamrock shake in years, but I’m thinking that I should let my kids have one this year. They probably won’t like it since they’re not really into mint chocolate, but it’s the spirit of the holiday. Thanks to Lent, I won’t be partaking of a Shamrock shake this year. Maybe next year. 😉

  8. I heard that if you ask they’ll do half shamrock shake and half chocolate shake. I’m very excited about this, someone posted on facebook about it earlier this week. I will definitely be trying that ASAP.

  9. I myself have never had a Shamrock Shake, then again I don’t eat McDonalds anymore! I am very suprised that you have NEVER eaten at Taco Bell!! I used to eat there on a weekly basis…I know, I know. But I would take Del Taco any day over the Bell! Although I am down with a Nacho Supreme every now and then…or the grilled steak taquitos yum 🙂

    1. If you have Dairy Queens out there, I think this month they are doing Mint Oreo Blizzards. Those are also very delish.

  10. Taco Bell is the finest establishment evah and make sure you get a double decker 🙂 SO good. I have never had a shamrock shake either.

  11. Shamrock shakes are an annual treat for me. Yes, try the 1/2 chocolate and 1/2 shamrock shake version. It is que delicioso!

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