UPDATE: Panda Not Scared of Earthquake But Still Incredibly Cute


Well, well, well. It’s been up for just about ten minutes, and already it appears that the cutest picture EVER is in fact a FRAUD. Originally billed as a panda scared after the Japanese earthquake, turns out this picture is a LIE. I mean, the panda is hugging a guy, but not out of fear. Rather, OUT OF HUNGER. Yes, this picture dates back to 2006, and thankfully my friend Neil — who also happens to be the resident panda archivist of my group — pointed this out to me. Evidently the panda is actually clutching a leg to ask for food.

Ah, but maybe the panda was hungry in the wake of a smaller but still frightening earthquake. Let the conspiracy theories abound!

The REAL story here.


*pun credit, sg-dub

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