COMMENT OF THE WEEK: 3/28/11 – 4/3/11

In an effort to promote further activity on the site and community building and all that fun stuff, I’ve decided to introduce a Comment of the Week feature that will highlight some of the best and funniest contributions by you, my dear readers. Whoever is selected will have his or her quote featured on the sidebar for a whole week (oooooh!!) and will thus be able to use those bragging rights in whatever manner seems appropriate.

We had some really funny comments this week (as well as several angry ones). Here is the winner:

“I still find it odd that the kid’s wish was to meet a 60+ year old Food Network personality vs. like, iCarly or the Biebs.

In the words of Jack Donaghy, ‘Her name is the Barefoot Contessa. And you’ll NEVER be like her.'” — Alli on Make-A-Wish Kid Rejects Ina Garten, Is Awful

Congrats Alli! You get glorious bragging rights!

Some very funny runners up after the jump.

“Man Finds True Love With Tranny Goose. Very misleading…I thought it’d be the story of how Jim Bellino met Alexis.” — Lauren on ADORABLE: Man Finds True Love With Tranny Goose

“Maybe the battery in your camera didn’t die, maybe it melted on account of being so close to Tamra’s HOTNESS.” — Laura on PHOTOS: B-Side Blog Tangles With Bravo Celebrities at Red Carpet Event

“Ina I love you. All these ignorant nitwits are just threaned by your intelligence and strong will. They always have been. The highly educated, semi-affluent upper middle class will continue to support you through these difficult times. The trolls who can’t afford good vanilla or cheese clothes were just waiting to jump on an issue like this. Make no mistake about it, this is class warfare. But you are better and you will prevail. I, personally, am looking forward to stocking up on your cookbooks as they become slightly discounted.” — John on Make-A-Wish Kid Rejects Ina Garten, Is Awful

“I don’t see why Ina is getting a bad rap for not dropping everything to meet up with a sick kid. Is she supposed to meet with every sick child on earth? Should she also be expected to spend a few minutes with every person affected by the Japanese earthquake/tsumani? Maybe she should take every person with AIDS on a heliciopter tour of the hamptons and every person with heart disease and kidney failure to Disneyland. I am looking forward to her call to my house when she makes her daily required call to everyone who has ever experienced bullying in elementary school. Everyone has a sad story or tragedy in their life, that doesn’t mean every celebrity needs meet with you. I am heart broken for poor Enzo but it does seem like something was awry in the way this story came out. Are celebrities really obligated to meet with every sad story they hear about? TEAM INA!!!” — Andrea on Make-A-Wish Kid Rejects Ina Garten, Is Awful

“if you think for some reason that b-side is suddenly PRO-CANCER then yes. you are an idiot.” — jash on Make-A-Wish Kid Rejects Ina Garten, Is Awful

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