VIDEO: Wal-Mart Mom Goes Vigilante On Shoplifters

Here’s a funny little video. It’s surveillance footage of a random mom stomping on the hood of a shoplifter’s car. The backstory is that she watched with frustration as three brothers all stole cases of beer from the super store without anyone stopping them and thus felt compelled to retaliate with some Riverdance on their car. But the biggest shocker: each of the brothers are named SYLVESTER. I need answers about that.

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  1. I want to be best friends forever with this lady.

    The names in this story are priceless. Of course her name is Lawless. Of course they’re all named Sylvester. Of course they drove a Camaro. Of course they stole beer. Of course it happened at Wal-Mart. Of course someone got a black eye. Of course there is helicopter footage of a police chase. Of course it’s OK to catch a shoplifter by running into him with a car. The only things missing are a mobility scooter and a trailer.

  2. LOL, I was wondering where the morbidly obese person riding the cart or those weird dressers that always seem to be at Walmart were. You’d think they’d want to at least be in the pictures…

    Maybe it’s like George Foreman’s sons. Everyone of them is named George…

  3. I’m sorry but this woman is an idiot. She risked her life for 3 cases of beer? I know she probably thinks she was being “honorable” but how would her kids have felt is she had been killed? Pro tip- take down the plate number and call the police.

    1. Agreed. What a nutbag.

      Relax woman, sometimes Sylvester x 3 just needs to get a little buzz on!

  4. Don’t think it was the Sylvesters first round at the goat rodeo. Go Mama! Good for her. She knew when to pounce and when to jump. I call it Courage. You call the Police. You call her a Nutbag. I call her a Hero. I suppose that’s why there’s vanilla, chocolat and strawberry.

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