POLL: Regarding the Spelling of Brendon’s Nickname


Last night we learned that Brendon and Rachel have a very special, very private pet name for each other: Booki. Or is it Bookie? Or is it Buki? Which is it? We must standardize this term of endearment so that we can properly mock it. Here are the spelling options:

Bookie: This seems to be people’s first spelling instinct as it’s reminiscent of the more widely used “Pookie.” However, “Bookie” is an actual word, and it refers to people who book bets at horse tracks and casinos, etc. Not a problem in and of itself, but the word “bookie” actually rhymes with “Snooki,” whereas Brendon’s nickname rhymes with “Pookie.” Clearly, this path leads to confusion, and thus I cannot recommend this spelling.

Boo-kie: Throwing in a hyphen takes care of the “Snooki” rhyme, but it also undermines the quick efficiency of the word. Now it becomes a bit too drawn out. And oddly enough, I occasionally read it as “Bokie.” Fail.

Buki: “Buki” seems to be an ideal spelling as it is reminiscent of the word “Kabuki,” and thus nails the whole pronunciation element. However, visually, it just doesn’t connote the cutesy, “demasculinitizing” qualities of the nickname. It almost appears high-minded, probably thanks the multicultural Japanese undertones. It just doesn’t work for me.

Booki: This is the spelling I used in my photocap, but I see now that it may lead readers to rhyme it with “Snooki” based on the similar spellings, and once again, that’s just not the sound we’re going for. However, the little -i at the end of the word makes it cute and almost demands that one pronounce the -oooo and not the -uh.

Booky: Ideally “Booky” would rhyme with “Spooky,” but in practice, it falls in the Snooki trap again. Plus, it looks like an adjective pertaining to books, even though it is a completely made-up word.

Bookey: Ah, this may be what we’re looking for. “Bookey” has the condescending but endearing visual appeal of “pookie,” and the -ey suffix keeps the double o’s sounding round and “spooky.” Still, it could fall in the Snooki trap. It’s just so hard to tell!

What say you? I’m between Booki and Bookey. Any write-in suggestions?

Also, forward this along to any Big Brother communities you may be a part of in order to help drive a consensus. This is obviously very important.

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25 thoughts on “POLL: Regarding the Spelling of Brendon’s Nickname

  1. I don’t watch big brother. So I’m not sure why I’m even responding. Other than it took me to bookey before I realized what you were saying about rhyming with snooki. Because I was pronouncing it like cookie. And since I had no frame of reference, thought I’d throw that perspective in. I vote bookey.

  2. Kabuki is a respectable type of theater in Japan performed by highly trained male actors. I don’t think the nickname comes from that, otherwise why would Brandon take exception to having it made public. It most likely is an abbrivation of something else that isn’t discussed in polite company.

  3. I vote bookie as in books cuz he is still in college right and studies alot maybe..

  4. I think boo-kie most resembles the meanings. its two terms of endearment from current slang.

    1- boo (as in he’s my boo)
    2- pookie

    so however i vote this because lets face it the phonics system has NO rule of thumb.

  5. I kinda like “Buki” as the correct spelling. It reminds me of bukkake which some may regard as “demasculinitizing”. I, however, consider myself to be sex-positive, so if anyone enjoys participating in bukkake, either giving or receiving, then more power to them.

    PS – Posting comments on B-Side Blog after a night of drinking is fun!

  6. I have to go with Jashba’s suggestion because I can’t come up with anything of my own.

  7. B-side: Thank-you for spearheading this important campaign. I immediately encountered this same dilemma posting this name. I opted for BOUKIE. But, perhaps we can get your help to mount a “fan in need” campaign to get Julie Chen to ask Rachel and Brendon the correct spelling. I know I want to save Brendon from further shame.

  8. I think the correct spelling should be “giant douche”.

    Seriously though, I like Booki.

  9. The extra O suggestion is an interesting approach. And it meshes with the annoying way Rachel prolongs every syllable she says. Boooki.

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